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Our motto

For some people, technology makes life convenient, for others, it makes life possible.

Development portal

Are you a developer looking for information how to help us, extend this software or use it in your own project?

Find our development portal at

All source code is available.

Issue Tracking System

Do you want to report a problem or suggest a feature? Please use our Issue Tracking System:

Web Applications


CMS and framework for advanced web applications

Wiking Content Management System (CMS) can be used to run your web pages, but Wiking is more than that. It is a complete system for the development of highly accessible complex web applications on top of an SQL database and connectable to other web services, such as a media streaming server or RSS channels. It uses Pytis as its database backend and LCG for text formatting and HTML output.

For an example of sophisticated applications developed on Wiking, see Biblio or Digital Language School.

Interested in running your webpages?: in preparation
Interested in developing applications?: Pytis Development | Wiking Development


Accessible library catalogue system including audio books and an eshop

Biblio screenshot: Visible is a catalogue system with some expanded items in a collapsable tree menu, search fields, filters and listing of search results Biblio is a highly accessible library catalog system with an integrated ordering system, eshop and support for audio books in the mp3 format. Audio books can be downloaded or listened to directly from the web portal. While random visitors can only listen to a sample of the recording, registered readers can listen to full books without any need to download, install or store anything. The system also provides an RSS channel with updates on new titles in the catalog

See example of one catalogue item – a book complete with its audio version:

Wiking Communicator

Audio-video-chat communication tool embedded directly into your webpage

Wiking Communicator screenshot: Screenshot of a live communication session over video, audio and chat directly from a webpage A video conference including a textual chat directly embedded into the webpage. Without having to install or configure anything, a single click will lead the user directly to the room, where the user can communicate with the others using his/her microphone, camera and keyboard.

Trafika (News-stand)

News reading service

Trafika makes it possible for blind and visually impaired people to read newspapers and magazines. The web application is connected with the database of media monitoring agency NEWTON Media, containing electronic versions of all major newspapers printed in Czech Republic. Quality speech synthesis is used to turn them into media recordings, and so users can listen to fresh news directly from the web portal as well as download them.


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