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For some people, technology makes life convenient, for others, it makes life possible.

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Table of Contents:

Digital Language School

Digital Language School screenshot: Visible on the screenshot is a sample of an interactive exercise, listing of course tests and a live videoconferencing session with the teacher online language study portal

Digital Language School is a fully accessible web environment for the study of languages. Self study using interactive self-evaluating exercises is combined with overview and leadership of a human tutor. The basic principle is to offer students materials and tools that help them to self study as much as possible, so that their teacher can concentrate on individual feedback and guidance. The environment is complete with Digital Textbooks for the study of several languages on various levels.

Interested in courses with a teacher? http://www.LangSchool.EU
Interested in digital textbooks for self study? Digital Textbooks


chemistry for the blind and visually impaired

Brailchem is a software tool helping blind and visually impaired students to access chemical information commonly presented visually. The user can browse the periodic table, explore a structure of a molecule or study what happens in a chemical reaction.

Visiting in Firefox? Download and install BrailChem

Brailchem screenshot: Periodic table, molecule viewer and reaction description are modes are visible on screenshot from the application


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