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Our motto

For some people, technology makes life convenient, for others, it makes life possible.

Development portal

Are you a developer looking for information how to help us, extend this software or use it in your own project?

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Free(B)Soft Live is a user-oriented area of the Free(b)Soft project where you can find information which will help you to find your way in the world of free accessibility.

If you would like to participate in the development of assistive tools in the Free(b)Soft project, or you want to use our technologies within your own development projects, you are welcome in our development portal. Free(b)soft Laboratory is a development platform which helps in making computers accessible to blind and severely visually impaired people. Our solutions are primarily based on Free Software.

About Free(b)Soft project

Accessible software enables visually impaired people to use a computer as a powerful compensation aid. Tasks so natural as reading and writing are denied to the visually impaired, but the technology may return them to normal life and make education, work and entertainment possible again.

There are a number of particular projects being carried out, solving a wide range of problems such as speech assisted user interfaces, speech synthesis systems, improving accessibility of existing applications, development of specialized applications for visually impaired, education and computer assisted learning.


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